Ultrasonic antis-scale devices

Acoustic Anti-scale Devices (AADs) of «Acoustic-T» series consist of a generator and magnetostrictive transducers - ultrasonic transducers. The number of ultrasonic transducers is shown by digit in the device name, for instance: "Acoustic-T1" (one transducer), "Acoustic-T4" (four transducers).

Structurally, the generator is made as a wall-mounted unit connected by cables with the transducers. Standard connection cables are 6 meters long. Generator dimensions are 250х350х110mm. Inside the case, the generator comprises a rectifier, a thyristor block with charge-storage capacitors, a control board, power supply filter, and a terminal board for connecting wires from magnetostrictive transducers. The generator is mounted on a metal racking. Racking supports the rectifier, thyristor block, limiting resistances, and a transformer. The racking is closed by front panel of the generator. The generator case is splash-proof.

Anti-scale device «Acoustic-T4-40» Anti-scale device «Acoustic-T4D-40»

Ultrasonic transducers use transducers from permendur, one of the best magnetostrictive materials.

The pulse generator implements the principle of charge accumulation from the mains 220 VAC, 50 Hz on the charge-storage capacitor and a short-term (pulse) discharge through inductive load using commutating thyristors. Moments of short-term thyristor switching on are defined by electric signals generated by the control board and sent to control thyristor gates.

Antiscale devices of «Acoustic-T» series are consumables and maintenance-free, and allow no intervention of design change of the equipment.

Series «Acoustic-T» devices comply with the State Sanitary Rules and Regulations Of Russian Federation (sanitary and epidemiological inspection report Nos., Radiated signal levels shall not exceed permissible values and cause no harmful effects.

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