Page about our company

Our Company, Koltso-energo, Ltd., established in 2001 is now the Russian leader in production of powerful ultrasonic acoustic devices. Headquarter located in Moscow, Russia. Our ultrasonic anti-scale transducers of «Acoustic-T»™ series effectively protect industrial heat exchangers and boilers of any type against scale. Among all ultrasonic devices offered in the Russian market, «Acoustic-T2» and «Acoustic-T4» AADs produced by our company feature exclusively high level of ultrasonic signal generated - by 1 or 2 orders of magnitude higher than the best analogues provide. This allows effective heavy-duty operation of our devices for years - applied to equipment with no water treatment and with artesian water, the hardness of which exceeds 10 units.

Moreover, our Company produces antiscale «Acoustic-T2TC» and «Acoustic-T4TC» devices capable of long-term operation on equipment with temperatures of up to +300°С, and 2ExemIIT4X explosion-proof devices - «Acoustic-T2Ex» and «Acoustic-T4Ex».