Heat Exchange Equipment Protection Against Scale

Do you purchase highly efficient heat exchange equipment and spend tens of times more money to make it work effectively for a long time?

Do you have to interrupt hot water supply permanently, stop, dismantle and clean boilers, heat exchangers and heaters from scale? Do you change tube bundles, plates or collectors? Do you purchase water-softening systems and spend more for consumables than for the equipment itself?

The best protection against scale is «Acoustic-T» antiscale device produced by «Koltso-energo», LLC. The operating principle of this device is based on creation of ultrasonic vibrations in heat exchange surface metal, which do not allow deposits to get accumulated on the heat exchange surface and continuously keep it clear.

Ultrasonic technology application for preventing scale formation significantly decreases the scale formation rate, extends time of heat exchange equipment non-stop operation, intensifies heat exchange, reduces consumption of the heat carrier, fuel, and electric power.

For the moment, to get rid of scale once and forever preserving composition of consumed water is infeasible, but it is possible to reduce the rate of scale formation on heat exchange surfaces, to extend equipment life span and to make easier its operation.

Even today, power-saving technology for preventing scale formation allows this to be achieved. Our ultrasonic devices for anti-scale protection are simple in operation, consumables- and maintenance-free, require low power, and protect the heat exchange equipment against any kinds of solid deposits.
You can order «Acoustic-T» device or get more details right now.

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