How Ultrasound Affects Scale - Video

On this page, we will present qualitative experiments illustrating ultrasonic vibrations effect of various solids in liquid, ultrasound effect on liquids, scale and deposits.

Let place pieces of scale taken from heat exchange tubes of a shell-and-tube heater to the bottom of our vessel, switch «Acoustic-T» antiscale device and watch for what will happen to the scale.

This scale was present in the output pipe of de-aerator after cleaning it by sulfamic acid solution. Strictly speaking, this is not the scale yet, but a result of carbonate deposit treatment by acid solution. Fragile, porous, structurally resembling a coral, this scale is quickly destroyed by ultrasonic vibrations. This experiment also indicates that application of ultrasound in the course of chemical cleaning of surfaces contaminated by scale deposits accelerates the process and increases its efficiency.

This movie demonstrates the process of liquid degassing, to which an edge of ultrasonic transducer of «Acoustic-T2» device is placed. For clarity of the effect observed, low gassed mineral water was taken. Also for clarity, the movie playback speed in the first three experiments was increased. For evaluation of the process, the device was switched on/off during recording.

In conclusion, let us note that the experiments shown are of qualitative character. Remember that ultrasonic vibrations effects were increased by limited volume of the fluid. On the other hand, standard «Acoustic-T» transducer was used in experiments, and clarity of effects obtained may be increased, for instance, by changing shape of the ultrasonic transducer edge or by increasing radiated power.

Devices of «Acoustic-T» series operate in pre-cavitation mode. The increase of radiated signal power prior to cavitation effect occurrence, when operating on the heat exchange equipment is undesirable. A long-term effect of ultrasonic vibrations of that power causes local damages of steel pipes near the ultrasonic transducer by means of significant increase of metal corrosion. Moreover, radiated power is limited by sanitary and epidemiological requirements, failure to comply with which is inappropriate. In these terms, «Acoustic-T» by Koltso-energo, LLC is the optimum ultrasonic, antiscale device - radiated power of generated ultrasonic vibrations is concentrated in the frequency range, which are most effective for prevention of scale formation, and its level is as close as possible to permissible Sanitary Rules and Regulations of Russian Federation.