Scale in Industrial Equipment

Along with protection of boilers, plate and shell-and-tube heat exchangers, antiscale devices «Acoustic-T» are also successfully used for antiscale protection of other equipment, such as de-aerators, capacitive boilers, flame-tube units, steam jet heat exchangers, induction furnaces, and waste heat exchangers.

Let's consider it on a broader scale: «Acoustic-T» acoustic antiscale devices provide excellent protection against solid deposits on any equipment, where metal and any fluid are in contact

  • To protect de-aerators against scale, transducers are welded directly to their cases and outflow tubes, if required.
  • Protection of induction furnaces against scale is provided by welding of ultrasound transducers directly to stranded inducer.
  • Protection of capacitive boilers against scale is provided by welding of ultrasound transducers to a coil - the coil tube or flange rim upstream the tank, as shown in the Figure. The same is for flame-tube plants.
  • On waste heat exchanges, transducers are welded on a tube sheet, into which heat transfer tubes are rolled. Thus, we sound up the entire tube bundle and prevent scale formation.

For consultation on the choice of «Acoustic-T» device, contact us and we'll protect your equipment against scale!