Explosion-proof devices against scale

For facilities in oil and gas industry, explosion-proof devices «Acoustic-T4Ex» and «Acoustic-T4Ex-40» have been designed. The scope of application: explosion hazard areas, class 1 & 2 according to IEC 60079-0:2011, IEC 60079-7:2006, IEC 60079-14-96). 1Ex e mb IIC T4 Gb X explosion proof mark; IP 66 ingress protection.

Explosion-proof antiscale devices are used in oil segregation plants, oil heaters to prevent soot deposit in flame tubes, oil heaters with an intermediate heat carrier. On diethylene glycol waste heat exchangers, for heat pipe protection against salts precipitated during heating.

Explosion-proof «Acoustic-T» ultrasonic devices delivery is available by advance order.

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