Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning From Scale
Cleaning plate heat exchangers from scale is a necessary maintenance operation, if they are not equipped with «Acoustic-T» antiscale devices. Cleaning of plate heat exchangers is subdivided into chemical, sectional chemical and sectional mechanical. Chemical cleaning is performed by filling the system with a cleaning agent based on an acid and arranging its circulation by a special booster pump. After several hours of circulation, cleaning agent is drained, and the system is rinsed with a basic solution for acid neutralization.

If the heat exchanger is so dirty that normal circulation may not be arranged, it is dismantled, and every plate is washed separately or cleaned mechanically using brushes or pressurized water jet. Soldered plate heat exchanger blocked with scale should be replaced.

And now, dear colleagues, tell us why should you distress yourself by expensive washing and pollute the environment by poisonous fluids drained to the sewage system, if you can equip your heat exchanger with antiscale acoustic device, «Acoustic-T», and your heat exchanger will stay clean for years, if not forever?

The price for «Acoustic-T2Pl» device installed to the most of plate heat exchangers used in HWS systems is comparable with the cost for a single washing of a plate heat exchanger. However, »Acoustic-T2Pl» device always keeps the heat exchanger clean and you can save money on washes in future. The economic benefits are obvious.

We are frequently asked – could we install «Acoustic-T2Pl» device on a heat exchanger, if it is already blocked with scale, so that it would be cleaned and protected against scale in future?

The answer is - yes, you can, if the scale layer on the plates is at most 0.5mm thick. But, if typical "chocolates" from scale have already formed between plates, you better wash it with acid first. It is a different matter that you can combine heat exchanger washing with ultrasonic treatment. If you install our antiscale ultrasonic device to the heat exchanger prior to washing, ultrasound will split old scale and thus save your time for washing and increase its efficiency.